Frequently bought together

With Frequently Bought Together, the customers can buy related products with one single click or make it easy for shoppers to find other products. It also dramatically increases the value of orders, sales, profits for your business.

1. In general, the “Frequently bought together” option is enabled by default but in any case make sure that you have it enabled in Theme Settings -> Shop.

With “Products columns” you can adjust the columns in the “Frequently bought together” section on any device.

As the name suggests, the “Form width” configures the width of the form of the “Frequently bought together”.

2. Navigate to Products -> Frequently Bought Together and create a new “Frequently bought” bundle with the bundle products you need. For each bundled product as well as a primary product you can set a discount.

3. Now we need to assign this “Frequently bought” bundle to a specific product that will display the “Frequently bought together” section on its page, so navigate to Dashboard -> Products, edit the appropriate product and in the product data settings define any “Frequently bought” bundle in the “Frequently Bought Together” tab.

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