Global header settings

Header settings

In the left top corner of the header editing screen, you can see the “Settings” button. It brings a general settings popup that contains some basic options for the header.

List of general settings available

Overlap. This option will make your header be above the content. It is useful when you use a simple header in one row and transparent background. Usually, it is used for the home page only to show it on some slider or large image.

Stretch content. Stretch your header on the full width of the page. It will not work if you use a boxed layout for your website.

Boxed. Makes the header boxed instead of full width.

Background on hover. Works with transparent header overlap only.

Sticky effect. There are two kinds of sticky header effects available: stick on scroll and slide after scrolling down. If you choose the second type you are able to enable the “Sticky header clone” option. The last one will create a different header layout that will be used for the sticky header. It contains only generic elements like logo, menu, search, shopping cart widget. You are also able to specify the sticky header height option there.

Sticky header shadow. Adds a shadow to the header when it is stuck on the user scrolls the page down.

Hide when scrolling down. Hides the sticky header when you scroll the page down. And shows only when you scroll to top.

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