Dummy content import

Theme’s dummy content

All of our themes come with a sample dummy content that will help you to reproduce our demo. By doing this, you will be able to understand how you can use our theme’s features and elements much quickly. In most cases, you can simply replace the logo, texts, and images and get the desired website in a few clicks.

Import process

Before importing our dummy content be sure that you have installed the required plugins (Elementor, WooCommerce, Slider revolution if needed). We also recommend you to use our dummy content import only on a fresh WordPress installation. Otherwise, you may get a lot of conflicts with your own content link images, menus, widgets, etc.

You need to go to Space Dashboard -> Dummy content and click on the “Import” button. The process may take up to a few minutes. Note that each theme has its own sample data. From that interface, you are able to switch between our themes that are already installed or download new ones. If you want to switch to other theme, you will need to remove the current dummy content and then import the new one.

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