How to add and edit header elements

Header elements

To add a new element to some of your header positions you need to click on “Add element” button (plus icon). You will see a popup window that contains all elements available

  1. Website logo image
  2. Main navigation menu
  3. Secondary menu
  4. Mobile menu
  5. Shopping cart widget
  6. Wishlist icon
  7. Search form
  8. Login/register links
  9. Categories dropdown
  10. Simple vertical line
  11. Horizontal spacing
  12. Plain text/HTML
  13. HTML Block built with Elementor
  14. Button with link
  15. Information box
  16. Social buttons

Drag & drop interface

After adding all elements you want to use in your website header you can rearrange them in any order you want and edit their settings. For reordering, you can simply drag & drop elements between all columns in the area. When you move your mouse over some element you can see three buttons that allow you to edit, clone or remove this element.

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