Theme Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard

Our Setup Wizard takes you through all the necessary steps to set up your website and start customizing the theme. You will be redirected to the Setup Wizard interface right after the theme activation. If you are not redirected to that page for some reason, you can find and run the wizard manually via Space Dashboard -> Welcome screen -> click on the “Setup wizard button”.

Setup Wizard Steps

The actual setup process is very straight-forward and contains the following steps that you need to complete one by one:

  1. Welcome screen with a message from our team. Click on “Start wizard”
  2. Activation form. Get the license key in your account and activate the theme.
  3. Child theme. Optional step to activate the child theme.
  4. Plugins activations. Install and activate all theme-related plugins
  5. Dummy content. Import our theme’s sample content. Optional.
  6. Complete the setup. Final screen with further steps links.

Once you finish all the above steps your installation is complete and you can go ahead and fill your website with content and customize the theme settings.

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