Advanced button styles

Base buttons groups

Our theme has two main categories of buttons and you can configure their design via Theme Settings -> Styles & Colors -> Buttons. From there you can set their style, background color, and text color scheme. The main categories of buttons are:

Default buttons – almost all standard buttons on your website that are a part of our theme or added with installed plugins.

Accent buttons – special buttons usually used for “Call to action” on your website. Includes shopping buttons like “Add to cart”, “Checkout”, “Login”, “Register” etc. Also, this style can be set in our WPBakery or Elementor button element.

Advanced buttons styles

So those settings allow you to set button styles for all your website’s buttons globally. But there are a lot of elements that you might want to set different styles regardless of global settings. For example, change the color of the buy now button, add to cart button on the single product page, checkout button, etc. And that is where our “Advanced buttons styles” section will help you. You can find in Dashboard -> Theme Settings -> Styles & Colors -> Buttons -> Advanced buttons styles. From there, you can set an unlimited number of rules for any button on your website.

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