Product video

There are two ways to display video in our theme on the product page: video popup and video in the gallery. Both options can be found while editing the product.

Video popup

Using this method you can add a special button above the product image that will open a popup with the video. It supports YouTube and Vimeo services only. Find this option while editing the product as shown in the screenshot

Video in the gallery

The second method is a modern and advanced way to display multiple videos in the product image gallery. You can add one video per each image in the gallery as well as one for the featured image. Here you can use YouTube, and Vimeo and also upload your video file in MP4 format. Find a dedicated button on the product gallery interface in the dashboard.

When you click on the “+ Video” button you get a popup with all the available options. 

  • Video source. Depending on this option you will get either a text field or file upload button to add the video.
  • Video display type
    • Simplified. With this type our theme adds simple buttons to control your video and hides native player interface.
    • Native player. Video is displayed with its native interface depending on the source of the video.
  • Video size. You can either fit cover the image and crop the video or display it in natural size. (Works with Simplified display type only)
  • Hide gallery image. Display the video initially without product image. (Works with the native player only)
  • Autoplay. Starts video playing once it is loaded. Autoplay doesn’t work on mobile devices due to browsers policy.
  • Audio status. You can mute the video initially or not. Autoplay videos are always muted.
  • Hide overlay information. Hide product labels, buttons, and pagination on the gallery slider during video playback.
NOTE: that if you use YouTube or Vimeo video your gallery can’t be controlled with touch or swipe. You can use arrows only.
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