GDPR compliance

Starting from 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law comes into force. Our themes meet all the rules and requirements for data protection. In general, almost all the data on your website are stored and processed by WordPress core, WooCommerce plugin and other plugins installed that store or process visitors’ data in any way. So to make your website ready for GDPR you have to update the WordPress and WooCommerce to the latest versions. Read more information about those updates and GDPR options in WordPress documentation and in WooCommerce development blog.

Now WordPress gives you the functionality to create your custom Privacy Policy page and also shows you some suggestions regarding its content. In the content of that policy, you can specify that your website may store some information about your visitors’ behavior that comes with our theme in addition to all the data stored by WordPress and installed plugins. Here is a list of all the data stored.


  • woodmart_popup_*: visitor’s choice to close a promo popup window.
  • woodmart_shown_pages: number of visited pages for the promo popup window if this option is turned on.
  • woodmart_cookies_*: visitor’s choice to close a cookie notice.
  • woodmart_tb_banner_*: visitor’s choice to close a top bar shop banner.
  • woodmart_wishlist_hash: visitor’s wishlist content hash. It is required to update the number of wishlist items in the header.
  • shop_per_page: visitor’s choice for a number of products per page
  • shop_per_row: visitor’s choice for a number of columns per row on the shop page
  • shop_view: shop page view – grid or list
  • woodmart_age_verify: visitor’s choice to close an age verify popup.
  • woodmart_wishlist_hash: used to check for wishlist updates when the “Multiple wishlists” option is enabled.
  • wishlist_cleared_time: a time when products were last removed from the Wishlist.
  • woodmart_wishlist_count: the number of products added to the Wishlist.
  • woodmart_wishlist_products: a list of products added to the Wishlist.
  • woodmart_compare_list: list of products added to Compare.
  • woodmart_recently_viewed_products: list of viewed products.

All the other personal data stored on your website is not related to our theme and you need to control its processing and describe all the information about that in your privacy policy on your own or you can ask your lawyer for help.

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