Adding menu to the site

Main Menu

The main menu is displayed by means of the Main menu element in the Header builderWoodMart -> Header Builder -> Choose the Header – > Enter the Header settings – > add Header builder element

The main menu element provides options as follows:

  • Default – view Demo
  • Underline – view Demo
  • Bordered – 1px border appears on the right.
  • Separate – 1px separator appears on the right
  • Background – view Demo
  • Menu align: determines the text align of menu item: left, center, right.
  • Full-width menu – View Demo

Mobile Menu

The mobile menu is created and assigned in Appearance  > Menu > Select menu and assign as “Mobile menu”. This menu will be automatically displayed by the Mobile Menu element of the Header Builder. 

One and the same menu can be both Main and Mobile. The mobile menu does not support mega menu blocks as there is no space enough for mega blocks. Thus, it is necessary to create a clone of the Main menu without mega menu blocks and assign it as the mobile menu in Appearance > Menu.  The mobile menu may be multi-leveled.

The mobile menu element has the option to show the Product Category menu. Product categories menu may be any menu created in Appearance > Menu.

The mobile menu element also has the option to show or hide the search form.

Mobile bottom navbar

WoodMart theme provides the option to enable and configure the Mobile bottom navbar – sticky menu in the bottom of the page, appearing on mobile view.

Mobile bottom navbar is enabled in the Theme Settings > General > Mobile bottom navbar, providing the option as follows:

  • Enable Sticky navbar – Sticky navigation toolbar will be shown at the bottom on mobile devices.
  • Navbar labels – Shows/hides labels under icons in the mobile navbar.
  • Select buttons – choice of buttons to show in Mobile bottom navbar. There are Shop page, Home page, Blog page, Mobile menu, Compare, Wishlist, Cart, My Account, Off-canvas sidebar, and option to add custom buttons.

There is the option to add three custom buttons with fields: Custom button URL, Custom button text, and option to upload a custom icon.

Secondary menu

In case it is necessary to show an additional menu in the Header builder, there is a Menu” element in the Header builder showing a secondary menu. The secondary menu is not responsive, it is designed to show a couple of additional items, such as Newsletter, FAQ, or others. 

Megamenu widget

Megamenu widget in the WPBakery page builder /Elementor chart shows any menu with mega menu blocks in any page, in any place. The demo showing the application of the element is provided here  The Browse Category megamenu is not in the header, it is displayed in the page content by means of the Megamenu widget. 

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