Product page options

The product page can be configured globally in the Theme Settings – > Single product. Besides, each product page has a set of options allowing to configure each page individually. The product page has five tabs: Product page main tab, Images, Show / Hide elements, and Tabs.

Single product tab


Single Product Sidebar – the option to set content and sidebar alignment for single product pages: Fullwidth / Left sidebar / Right sidebar.

Sidebar size – the option set different sizes for your single product pages sidebar: Small/ Medium / Large.


Product page design – the option to set the design:

  • Default View Demo
  • Centered  View Demo
  • Sticky product – (sticky description while scrolling the page) View Demo
  • Shadow to product summary block View Demo
  • Full width product page – the option to stretch the single product page content.
  • Custom single product header – different header for different single product pages.

Select preview product for builder – information from this product will be used as an example while you are working with the product template and Elementor.


Product image width:

Thumbnails position:

Main image click action – the option to Enable/disable zoom or Photoswipe option or switch to photo swipe popup.

Show “Click to enlarge” icon – the option to open an image in the popup and swipe to zoom

Main carousel auto height is useful when you have product images with different heights.

Images captions on Photo Swipe lightbox display caption texts below images when you open the photo swipe popup. Captions can be added to your images via the Media library.

Add to cart options

AJAX Add to cart – the option to turn on the AJAX add to cart option on the single product page. It will not work with plugins that add some custom fields to the add to cart form.

Sticky Add to cart – Add to cart section will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when the product page is scrolled down

Before “Add to cart button” text area / After “Add to cart button” text area – option to insert content or HTML block shortcode which will be shown before/after the “Add to cart”  button.

Buy now

The buy now button is a powerful add-on that comes with our theme and doesn’t require any additional plugins. It adds an additional button next to the add to cart button on the single product page. While the Add to cart button adds the product to cart and keeps the customer on the same page, the Buy now button redirects straight to the checkout form to make the purchase process easy and fast.


Breadcrumbs position – the option to set different positions for the breadcrumbs section on the  product’s page: Default and below the header

Products navigation  – Enable/disable next/previous products navigation.

Short description  – Enable/disable short description text in the product’s summary block.

Show attributes table after short description  –  Enable/disable attributes table display instead of short description.

Stock progress bar   – Enable/disable the display of a number of sold and in-stock products as a progress bar. More info

Countdown timer  – Enable/disable showing a timer for products that have scheduled the date for the sale price

The countdown for variable products  – Enable/disable  – sale end date will be based on the first variation date of the product.

Show product meta  – Categories, tags, SKU – After Add to cart button/After Tabs / Hide

Share buttons – display share buttons icons on the single product page.


Reviews location – the option to locate reviews in the product tabs or in a separate section

Review images – the option allows customers to upload images to their reviews for products;

Images count in one review – option to set how many images customers can add to each review;

Maximum upload file size – option to set the value in megabytes. Currently, your server allows you to upload files up to 64 MB;

Are images required? – if checked the user will not be able to post a comment without attaching an image.


Tabs layout – the option to select which style for products tabs do you need: Tabs or Accordion – View Demo 

As soon as “Accordion” has been chosen, additional options are provided -

Tabs location: Standard and “After Add to cart button”  

Hide tabs headings – Enable/disable hiding tabs headings

Additional tab title and Additional tab content -these are the global option that adds an additional tab to all the products. This option allows inserting any text or WPBakery page builder template by means of HTML Block shortcode. More info

Related & Upsells

Show related products – related products is a section that pulls products from your store with the same tags or categories as the current product.

Upsells products position – the option to show upsells products in a sidebar or in a standard way. If using “Sidebar” be sure that you have enabled it for the product page layout

Product view  – you can set different view modes for the related products. These settings will be applied for upsells products as well.

Related product columns – how many products do you want to show per row.

Related product count – the total number of related products to display.

Visitor counter

Number of visitors – might be real or random.

When the real mode is enabled it will track all visitors by their IP addresses.

For the random, you can specify the minimum and maximum number and the system will generate a fake number for all products.

Live mode will update the counter with AJAX in a certain time interval.

Update on page load will update the counter with AJAX only once. Enable this option if you use some cache plugin like WP Rocket and don’t enable Live mode.

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