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WoodMart is a fully customizable WooCommerce theme with a drag & drop builder in the header and footer as well as extended options for different shop page templates, product page layouts, and a great number of other comprehensive web-building tools.

As soon as the WoodMart theme has been installed and activated together with all the related plugins, the Dashboard gets the Theme Settings and WoodMart tab, ensuring the possibility to customize the view of a website.

Here is a list of our main settings sections.

General – contains all the general settings related to your website and some of its elements.

Page title -configure your page title section that comes right after the header. Contains the page name, breadcrumbs, and product categories on the shop page.

Footerbottom section of your website that comes on all pages.

Typography – here you can set fonts settings for every element on your website and upload custom fonts.

Styles and colors – set your main website rounding, colors, backgrounds, and configure buttons

Blog – main section for your blog and posts settings.

Portfolio – set up your portfolio page and configure a single project

Shop – general sections with extra options for the WooCommerce shop page and other sections of the store. How to configure WooCommerce shop page with WoodMart

Product archive – contains all options related directly to product archive pages

Single Product – all settings for the single product page

My account – set up registration on your website.

Social profiles – configure social buttons with your social profiles links and share buttons.

API integrations – all integrations with social API services

Performance – speed up your website with our built in performance features

Maintenance – turn on or off the maintenance mode on your website

White Label – customize most of the “WoodMart” and “Xtemos” attributes

Custom CSS write CSS code for different devices.

Custom JS – a place for your custom JS scripts

Other – contains other settings for the website and some of its elements.

Import / Export / Resetbackup your current settings or transfer to another website with the same theme.

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