How to enable sticky header option

Sticky rows

The Sticky header may be implemented in two ways: a predefined Header Clone, having the set of elements regardless of what is added to the rows of the default header, and a custom sticky header, showing the same elements on the default and sticky header.

The predefined sticky header is enabled in the Global Header Settings -> Sticky header tab.

Global Settings provide Sticky effect options: Stick on Scroll and Slide after scrolling down the Header Clone option appears provided Slide After Scrolled down is set.

The sample of the Header clone enabled is below. It will always have: Logo, Main menu, Search, and shopping cart widget Header clone is not editable:

Sticky header effects

In order to show the same elements in the default and in the sticky header, it is necessary to disable the Header clone and make the necessary row sticky, this option is provided in the Row settings.

The sample of the custom sticky header is provided below:

Global Header Settings -> Sticky header tab provides the following options:

  • Sticky header shadow – Adds a shadow for the header when it is sticky.
  • Hide when scrolling down – Hides the sticky header while scrolling the page down and shows again scrolling to the top.
  • Sticky effect: “Sticky on scroll” and “Slide after scrolled down” The sample of the custom sticky header provided above shows the “Sticky on scroll” effect. “Slider, after scrolled down” effect, is shown below.

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