Top and bottom paddings

WoodMart theme has top and bottom paddings for Main page wrapper in order to ensure WooСommerce templates nice view.

However, this padding causes a gap between the header and the main content on the home page of some of the demo pages. In order to get rid of it, enter the page: Dashboard > pages > find the page > edit and set margin-top:-40px in the upper row settings:

The dark color of the footer and pre-footer backgrounds make the Main page wrapper bottom padding visible and white space between the pre-footer and footer occurs:

In order to remove the gap, enter the HTML block, which is used in the Theme Settings > Footer > Pre-footer area and set margin-bottom: – 40px; to the row. If there are a few rows in the template, the margin should be set to the last one.

If there is no pre-footer, however, the last row of the continent has the color or image background the gap may occur between the content and the footer. In this case, you should set margin-bottom for the last row on the page. Here is an example of the gap

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