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WordPress child theme

WordPress child theme functionality is the best way to apply simple code customization to your website. It allows you to override some theme files and functions without losing any changes after the main theme update. You will need to have some basic coding knowledge to use it. If you need some advanced customizations, it is highly recommended that you hire a developer.

Support information: Since child themes allow you to customize any part of the theme, we are not responsible for any changes you make there. Our support service doesn’t include fixing any issues related to the child theme. Your customizations may not be compatible with newer versions of the parent theme, so they may require further maintenance from your side.

What is a child theme?

By default, the WoodMart theme has a child theme. The child theme inherits all the functionality and styles from the parent theme. Its files are almost empty and are required as a place to paste your custom code. Always use a child theme to customize the parent core files to avoid losing changes after the parent theme update. Never change the parent theme core files. We never release any updates to the child theme, so all your custom code there is safe. They are usually used to apply some custom CSS, customize template files like header, footer, posts, add custom PHP functions, and WordPress hooks/filters.

Download and install

You can find our theme’s pre-made child theme in the main package archive downloaded from ThemeForest. Or you can download the WoodMart child theme here. Install this theme in the same way as you do with the parent theme via Appearance -> Themes. After installation, you will need to activate it as well.

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