How to set different header for specific page

The Header builder offers two types of headers: Default and Custom header. How to set up or change the default header is described in How to set default header for website.

Header builder allows creating as many custom headers as it is necessary. The custom header can be set for Blog, Portfolio, Products globally, or even for each page/single post/ single product or project. This last option is provided in page/single post/ single product or project.

In order to set the one custom header globally for:

  • For all the pages, there is an option in the Theme Settings > General > Header:
  • For all single posts:  Theme Settings >Blog > Single post:  
  • For all the projects:  Theme Settings > Portfolio > Single Project
  • For all the products: Theme Settings > Single product:

Different custom headers for different product categories

WooCommerce templates that are not editable, for example, the product category page can also have a custom header. By default, the product category page inherits the header set for the Shop page, if none is set, the Product category page will have the default header.

In order to set different custom headers for different categories, it is necessary to create a rule in the  Theme Settings presets.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to create it:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Theme settings -> Options presets.
  2. Click on “Add a new preset”.
  3. Enter the preset name “Term ID” = Equal = Chose the category from the drop-down by ID, this drop-down contains all the categories from the Blog, Portfolio, and Products, thus it is necessary to make sure the proper category has been changed.
  4. Select the header in the Theme Settings > General > Header.
  5. After configuring all settings click on “Save settings”.

To return to your global settings interface you can click on the button “To global settings”.

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