How to make WoodMart multilingual with WPML

WoodMart is officially integrated with WPML multilingual plugin.

WPML plugin allows creating translations for Header Builder, HTML blocks, and widgets easily. WPML got a lot of quires related to  WoodMart theme translation and released a manual to cover the main points of the translation: Create multilingual websites using WoodMart theme and WPML

WPML addon set necessary for the translation

WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Media, and WooCommerce Multilingual (if create an online store and use WooCommerce). The recent version of WPML has integrated WPML Translation Management into the core of WPML Multilingual CMS and this addon is no more needed.

Translating Header Builder

The header builder has been translated in WPML > String translation. As soon as the header has been created, it appears in the drop-down of the String translation. The header string consists of its ID (instruction on how to detect the header ID has been provided above) and a: number of strings to be translated:

The header ID is shown in the URL of the appropriate header.

When the header has been chosen in the Strings Translation, all the text and content elements, related to this header would be provided.

All menu types are translated by default and synchronized.

Translating HTML Blocks

Starting from WPML version 4.5.o HTML blocks – custom post type provided by WoodMart, for custom templates creating, – are translated as usual post and pages. Create multilingual websites using WoodMart theme and WPML

Translating Widgets

Widgets are configured in the Appearance > Widgets. All the information on types and areas of widget application is provided here: WoodMart Widgets and Sidebars

As soon as you add a widget, you will see the language option. You need to add as many widgets as many translations you have and set the appropriate language in each widget

Translating Theme Strings

The WoodMart Theme Settings contain the replaceable text in the different tabs of the options, for example, Registration text in the Login/Register tab or Empty wishlist text in the Shop -> Wishlist tab. All these texts are also provided in WPML -> Strings Translations -> Choose admin_texts_xts_woodmart_options in the “Select strings within domain” drop-down:

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