Checkout Fields Manager

Our Checkout Manager functionality allows you to delete, change and re-order the checkout fields inside the billing or shipping checkout forms.

In order to enable the “Checkout Manager” functionality, navigate to Theme Settings -> Shop -> Checkout -> turn on the “Checkout fields manager” option.

Then you will be able to configure the checkout fields in Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Checkout Fields.

The “Position” field makes it possible to assign fields to the entire width or from the left or right, let’s check it with the “billing_first_name” and “billing_last_name”, their default positions are left and right and the appearance will be like in the below image

If we set the “Wide” option for both fields, it will look like this

The same “Position” behavior is related to other fields.

As the name “Required” implies, this option makes the field either mandatory or not

The “Status” field allows you to disable or enable the checkout field

Thus in this way, we can enable only the necessary fields.

The same functionality is available for shipping details.

NOTE: that our checkout manager only works if you have a checkout page created using the WooCommerce shortcode “woocommerce_checkout” and it’s not working with the checkout made with a new block on Gutenberg.

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