Translate with Loco Translate plugin

Loco Translate allows you easily translate or change texts from our theme or plugins without any effort. All you need to do for that is simply follow the below instructions.

1. Installing the Loco Translate plugin

If you haven’t installed and enabled the Loco Translate plugin yet, please navigate to the Plugins > Add New from the WordPress admin panel -> Search for “Loco Translate” and install it.

2. Start Translating

In case you need to translate or change the text that is not related to the theme, you can use the following paths in Loco Translate.

Loco Translate -> Plugins: Plugin translation

Loco Translate -> WordPress: WordPress core translation

Follow the below steps to translate your theme with Loco Translate:

Step 1. From Loco Translate -> Themes, you will see all installed themes. Click on the WoodMart theme to translate.

Step 2. On the preference page click on the “New Language”.

Step 3.  Select the language you want to translate from the “Choose a Language” option. Also, you need to choose a location from the “Choose a Location” option to save the translation file. We require that you select “Custom” for the location (through the “loco” subfolder), this is Loco’s protected folder which is safe from automatic updates and provides priority over other locations.

Click on the ‘Start Translating’ button after making your choices.

Step 4.  Then select the English string at the top and enter your translation in the pane at the bottom.

Continue to translate as much as you like and when you’re ready click the “Save” button in the editor toolbar.


Sync operations must be done manually whenever you update your theme.  The purpose of this function is to fetch the translatable source strings that are currently available and update the file accordingly.

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