Checkout page builder

Use Elementor or WPBakery drag & drop interface to create and customize your checkout page. The checkout page contains two different areas that need to be customized separately. A checkout form that will contain all checkout fields and buttons, and Checkout top content needed for login and coupons forms.

Quick steps to create checkout layout:

Step 1. Go to Dashboard -> Layouts -> Checkout and click on the “Add new” button.

Step 2. Set layout type to “Checkout form” and write your layout name.

Step 3. Click on the “Create layout” button.

Step 4. Fill your custom layout with sections and special elements.

The checkout form has a few special elements but you can fill it with your additional text, images, reviews, etc.

  1. Billing details – shows all fields for your customer billing details
  2. Shipping details – form fields needed for shipping information 
  3. Order review – brief information about the shopping cart content
  4. Payment methods – all available payment methods selector and checkout button

Repeat the same steps but for “Checkout top content” to add coupon and login form additionally. This part has three elements:

  1. Checkout steps – progress indicator that has three main steps: Cart, Checkout and Complete order.
  2. Login form – allows your customers to login on the checkout page
  3. Coupon form – enter discount coupon directly on the checkout page

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