How to rebrand the theme White Label

There is a set of options for the WoodMart theme rebranding and displaying the desired brand without the necessity to edit theme files. All is configured in the Theme Settings -> White Label.

White Label suggest the options as follows:

White label – option to hide most of the “WoodMart” and “Xtemos” attributions;

Theme license tab – option to hide this page from the dashboard;

Theme name –  the field to replace all instances of “WoodMart”;

Options logo – option to upload the logo, recommended size: 50×50 (px);

Sidebar icon logo – option to upload the sidebar icon logo, recommended size: 20×20 (px);

Dummy Content tab – option to disable the dummy content functionality completely;

Logo – option to upload the logo, recommended size: 200×2000 (px);

Dashboard title – field to set the Heading displayed in Dashboard -> WoodMart;

Intro text – text area to replace the Intro text displayed in Dashboard -> WoodMart under the title;

Appearance screenshot – option to upload the theme screenshot, recommended size: 1200×900 (px) Theme preview image that will be displayed in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes.

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