Product sold counter

Displaying a sale counter helps merchants create trust in customers’ minds by showing them a product’s popularity. With the “Product Sold Counter”, you can display your product’s sales count on the single product page.

The option can be enabled via Theme Settings -> Single product -> Sold counter.

The “Show sales type” allows you to choose between showing the actual number of orders or a random number.

The “Hide for out of stock products” option hides the sold counter for the out of stock products.

The “Time frame” allows you to set the desired number as the time frame value.

The “Time period” gives the ability to set any time units per your needs.

For instance, if we define the “Time frame” value as a 5 and the “Time period” in hours, then the sold counter will show all Items that sold in the last 5 hours.

The “Cache lifespan” specifies the time after which the product sales cache will be cleared.

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