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Product Grid/Carousel element

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Product Grid/Carousel element is a flexible tool to present WooCoomerce products. Product Grid/Carousel allows to configure a grid with 1-6 items in a row and show the products by category, tag or ID.  In addition, you can display products by type: Sales products, Featured products, New products and Bestsellers. There is also an option to choose Hover on product effect:

Product Grid/Carousel has three main tabs with options: General, Design and Data Settings.

The general tab provides the options as follows:

Element title  – the field to insert a title;

Grid or carousel – option to present products in a list, grid or carousel;

Data source – option to narrow the displayed  product range by:

All products –  all the existing products would be displayed.

Featured products –  products marked as featured in Dashboard -> Products -> products having star sign.

Sale Products – Products having regular and sales price

Products with NEW label – in order to show products with this label, you will need to activate labels in Theme Settings -> Shop > Product labels -> “New” label on products > “On”. Then it is necessary to configure a product to have “New” label: enter the product editing mode, navigate down to Product Settings (custom meta box from theme) and mark up the checkbox for Add “New” label.

Bestsellers – products most often purchased;

List of ID– option to insert product ID regardless category, tag, or product type.

Categories or tags – option to display products from one or more categories or from one or more tags. You can choose to display products either by category/categories or by tag/tags but not both. At the same time, you can set a category and featured products. In this case, the featured product from the selected category will be shown;

Items per page –  the number of products shown per page;

Pagination – if you set the number of products in “Item per page ” less than its real quantity,  you can configure pagination which suggests four options:

No pagination – the grid will show the number of “Item per page ”  without any possibility to load more products.

Load more button – will load more products by clicking.

Infinite scrolling – more products will be loaded when you scroll the page down.

Arrows – will appear on grid hover and the next set of products stipulated in “Items per page” of the product would fade in.

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Masonry grid – an opportunity to enable Masonry type of grid;

Products grid with different sizes – opportunity to enable the different size of grid item;

Space between products – options to set 30, 20, 10, 6, 2, 0 pixels between grid items;

Design tab provides the following options:

Products hover – suggests different effects on hover:

Columns – option to configure the product grid in  1, 2,3,4,6 columns;

Images size – enter image size. Example: “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large”, “full” or other sizes defined by the current theme. Alternatively enter an image size in pixels: 200×100 (Width x Height).

Sale countdown – the checkbox enabling countdown to the end sale date will be shown. Be sure you have set the final date of the product sale price.

Highlighted products –  the checkbox creating an eye-catching section of special products to promote them on your store.

Data settings provide such options as:

Order by – enables ordering products by Date, Post ID, Author, Title, Last modified date, Number of comments,  Menu Order/Page order, Meta value, Meta value number, Matches same order you passed via the included parameter, Random order, Price;

Sorting – all the above configuration may be set to be descending or ascending;

Offset – Number of grid elements to displace or pass over means the specified number of products would be offset from the grid;

Exclude – exclude product by title;

Provided carousel is enabled,  Carousel Settings Tab will appear with the following set of options:

Slider speed – duration of animation between slides (in ms)

Slides per view – set numbers of slides you want to display at the same time on slider’s container for carousel mode..

Scroll per page checkbox – Scroll per page not per item. This affect next/prev buttons and mouse/touch dragging;

Slider autoplay checkbox – enables autoplay mode;

Hide pagination control checkbox – if “YES” pagination control will be removed;

Hide prev/next buttons checkbox – prev/next control will be removed;

Center mode checkbox – this option put the first slider element always in the center, in order to get a better view there should be paired elements and slider loop enabled. The picture below shows the difference between slider loop enabled and slider loop disabled, applying center mode:

Slider loop checkbox – enables loop mode that is continuous full rotation without stopping/breaking on the last slide

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