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How to setup Instagram API

How to setup Instagram API

Our Instagram WPBakery element has three options to get media from your account on Instagram:

  1. Scrape - simply scrapes the page on the web and parses all the images. This method is outdated and may be blocked by Instagram now.
  2. AJAX - similar to the first one but images are parsed on the frontend side. Works for now but probably will not be allowed in the future.
  3. API - allows you to get images using Instagram API. Most stable and legal method but works with your own account only and requires Instagram APP configuration.

With first two methods you need to specify your username only to obtain photos. With API method you will need to setup and configure your Instagram APP to obtain API key and secret and then generate token in your Theme Settings. Here is a step by step instruction for this:

1. Login on Instagram with your account and go to this page Click on register new client as shown on the screenshot

2. Fill the form with your information and specify a correct redirect URL (first screenshot). You can take it in Theme Settings -> General as shown on the second screenshot.

3. After that you need to copy your Client ID and Client Secret from your APP and paste it in Theme Settings -> General as shown on the second screenshot and click on "SAVE AND GENERATE TOKEN"

4. Then you need to add "Instagram" WPBakery page builder element and select API request type 

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