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Portfolio page

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Portfolio page

To show your projects/works/photo gallery or some other staff you can create "Portfolio" page. To do this firstly you need to create page with Page Template "Portfolio". Then add your projects with images and texts in Admin -> Projects -> Add New

You can configure your portfolio using our Theme Options panel with a lot of options and variants as follows:

General Portfolio Settings:

Disable portfolio - You can disable the custom post type for portfolio projects completely.

Portfolio Style - You can use different styles for your projects: Show text on mouseover; Alternative; Text under image; Mouse move parallax.

Portfolio project URL slug - the option to change the project slug. IMPORTANT: You need to go to WordPress Settings -> Permalinks and resave them to apply these settings.

Portfolio category URL slug - the option to change the category slug. IMPORTANT: You need to go to WordPress Settings -> Permalinks and resave them to apply these settings.

Portfolio Style - the option to use different styles for your projects.

Images size  - Enter image size. Example: 'thumbnail', 'medium', 'large', 'full' or other sizes defined by current theme.

Projects Options

Show categories filters Display categories list that allows you to filter your portfolio projects with animation on click;

Categories filters mode: Links or Masonry - option to switch between links that will lead to project categories and masonry filters within one page only.

AJAX portfolio -  option to use AJAX functionality for portfolio categories links.

We have introduced the “AJAX links” functionality for our portfolio filters. Now you can make it work in the same way it is done on our shop page. You can find and activate this function Theme Settings -> Portfolio -> Categories filters (links) and Theme Settings -> Portfolio -> AJAX Portfolio.

Full-Width portfolio - Makes container 100% width of the page;

Projects columns - How many projects you want to show per row;

Space between projects -  You can set the different spacing between blocks on the portfolio page;

Items per page - Number of portfolio projects that will be displayed on one page;

Portfolio pagination - Choose a type for the pagination on your portfolio page: Pagination links, Load more button, Infinite scrolling;

Portfolio order by - Select a parameter for projects order;

Portfolio order - Choose ascending or descending order;

Single Project Options:

Projects navigation - Next and previous projects links on the single project page;

Related Projects - Show related projects carousel;

Project title in page heading - Display project title instead of the portfolio page title in page heading;

Single portfolio header - the option to set a specific header for all the single portfolios. The portfolio page also has the option set different header for specific page

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