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Product category menu

WoodMart theme has expanded Product categories presentation.  Product categories menu can be presented in the shop page title, in the search form, Browse categories (in header builder and by means of Mega menu element).

Product Categories menu in the Shop page title:

There is an option to show the Product categories in the shop page heading which is configured in the Theme Settings > Product Archive > Page title.  Demo:

Option “Categories in page title” will show the Product categories menu generated automatically based on all categories existing in the shop. There is the option to hide empty categories and, the option to select the categories to show is provided.

By default, sub-categories will be displayed as the drop-down list:

“Show current category ancestors” allows  showing  sub-categories and category in the page title, for example: 

“Show category neighbors if there is no children”  option -  If the category doesn't contain any sub categories, the page title menu will display this category's neighbors categories. In case this option has not been enabled the shop title will show the current category only.

Product Categories menu in the Search form in the header:

The search element in the Header builder has the option to show the list of categories existing on the site. This list cannot be edited. Select Categories will shaw all the categories.

Product Categories menu in Browse Categories:

Browse Categories allows showing the menu created in Appearance > Menu. Owing to this option the possibility to determine which categories to show and in which order is provided. In order to implement, it is necessary to add a Category element into Header Builder and chose the menu, created. In addition, this menu can be presented with mega menu blocks. Here is the instruction on how to create: Create Mega Menu 

One more option to show Browse Categories is Mega Menu widget element in WP Bakery page builder chart such Product category menu is presented in Fashion Demo 

Product Categories icons in the menus:

The Product Categories page provides the option to insert icons for menus. Each Product Category page has additional options which can be found in Dashboard - > Products - > Categories - > Select and edit a Category:

  • Image for category heading allowing to set an individual image for a category page, by default, the category page would inherit the settings from the shop page;
  • Image (icon) for categories navigation on the shop page - Product Categories menu in the shop page title;
  • Icon to display in the main menu (or any other menu through the site);

Icons for the Product categories are available for free on Flat Icons Source 

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